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This was the official website of Hughes Electronic Commerce. Now, we want to present useful information about the fields of internet, e-business and e-commerce.

Especially nowadays, in a fast changing world, new methods and technologies need to be found. The World Wide Web is a network, which connects different areas of life. Find out more about the internet, its technologies and the most important concepts.

As the most important global system in the world, the internet connects a system of computer networks. These networks are academic, business, public, private and governmental interconnected systems. The advantage of the World Wide Web is the unrestricted usability of digital information by billions of users from all over the world.

Find out more about different technologies, such as electronic, optical or wireless networking tools. Furthermore, useful information about business, marketing, electronic commerce, computer networks and internet access are presented on this website.

Do you want to know, how the internet influences society, politics and economy? Can you already handle with the most important terms and concepts of the internet? Find out at our internet ABC and by means of other interesting categories.

Internet skills become more and more important, especially nowadays. will inform about the possibilities of studying business, marketing and other fields, which deal with internet and other important fields of electronic commerce. The Lancaster University offers a lot of interesting studies in this area. Some of them shall be presented.

The category News will inform about the latest events and facts about internet, e-business and e-commerce.